• Shannon Broadwell

Football Weekends Ruined My Voice


It’s that time of year when the best place to be is tailgating before kickoff. The smell of barbeque and the taste of your favorite beverage, adult or otherwise, makes the fall time seem that much sweeter. What’s not so sweet is how you feel and sound come Monday morning.

There are some easy ways to avoid sounding like a wheezing troll after you leave the parking lot. And guess what, it’s things you’re already doing!

1. Are you drinking? Of course! Um, let me clarify: Water. That’s right my friends, it all comes back to what you’ve seen/heard/read/been told by your mama. Your body NEEDS water. It’s simple: for every drink of something you have, have some water. Before bed, have some water. When you wake up, have some WATER! This moisturizes your whole vocal tract and will help ward off sickness as well as that frog in your throat.

2. Are you breathing? Again yes but it’s a matter of how. Most people take shallow or clavicural breaths without really filling up their lungs. If you take a moment before your yell to think about your lungs filling up from the bottom like a balloon and then yell on the release of that air, then you’ll be able to shout louder, longer, and everyone listening will think you sound much more impressive.

3. How’s your timing? We’ve all been in a room with that one person that just doesn’t know when to stop. Don’t be that person! Even at a game you can save it for the right moment. Do you really need to be yelling at EVERY missed catch? At EVERY flag thrown? Save it for the big moments. Trust me, you’ll know when it’s worth shouting a few choice words.

4. Are you listening? While you sit there in the stands or by the grill, are you the one telling all the stories? Ask some questions and really listen to others. This give your voice a little rest and it makes your date/mom/friend/stranger you met at Whole Foods 20 minutes ago feel like you’re a really good listener.

There you have it! Go enjoy this football season and save your voice so you can tell everyone Monday what an AMAZING weekend you had.

Happy Speaking!

~ Shannon

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