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My 5 Go To Products for a Healthy Voice

As the seasons change, my voice takes a beating. I wake up every morning hacking and coughing like crazy! Despite knowing how bad throat clearing is, I feel like I can’t help it. I have found through the years that I do have some favorite things that help me have an easier time and give me a healthier voice.

1. A really good water bottle- Not just a regular one that you got at the gas station and you’ve been refilling all week. I need a BIG, FUN water bottle, otherwise I’ll forget about it. When I started breastfeeding this was even more important because I knew I needed a lot of water for my milk, but also I didn’t want to keep refilling it. I mean, I had a new baby! I was more concerned with sleeping. This is the water bottle I got and if I refill it 2x a day, I’m off to a good start:

Of course if you are a coffee or a soda drinker, you need to drink even more water to balance out that caffeine.

2.Throat Coat Tea- I have been using this product for YEARS. As an actor I have seen cast members on the verge of laryngitis push through with the help of this amazing tea. I live in Michigan so I get it at local Meijer or Kroger grocery stores. When I was in graduate school in Iowa City, I would get mine at HyVee:

For an extra bang I add in some Apple Cider Vinegar and honey to really help work out whatever is going on in my throat. I personally love the taste with these add ins, but my husband doesn’t. The tea by itself will help loads!

3. Straws- I can’t stress enough how helpful straw can be for professional voice users like teachers, coaches, lawyers, actors and customer service reps. If you have to talk all day long, try doing some glides through a straw up and down in the morning and at night to warm up your voice. For years, I’ve used plastic straws but I recently invested in these metal ones to be more environmentally friendly.

4.Nasal Spray- Ew, right? I know it’s not sexy but hey, neither is hacking all day. I personally am not a fan of using a lot of medicine if I don’t have to, so I avoid allergy medications when I can. Using a nasal saline spray in the morning and at night helps me break things up so I’m not as congested. Sometimes this makes my drainage feel worse, but not so bad if you’re keeping up with your water. I don’t invest in anything fancy.

5.Essential Oils- Again, I’m not a big medicine person, especially while I’m breastfeeding, so I go natural when I can. I use DoTerra’s oil blend Breathe ALL THE TIME! I diffuse some in the shower, I use the cough drops, I use the vapor rub stick, you name it. I have responded well to this brand and I know they are good quality. When I have been fighting strep throat (I’m notorious for getting it, especially when I worked in schools), I would gargle with a combination of Oregano, Geranium and Peppermint. That one HURT! But, it also helped knock out whatever I had going on.

Of course if you are having any serious issues, contact your primary care physician or an Ear Nose and Throat specialist (ENT). These are just some suggestions on what worked for me! I hope these help you keep your voice as the weather changes!

Happy Speaking!

~ Shannon

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