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New Year, New Voice!

Celebrate the best to come!

As 2018 came to a close, I was forced to reflect on an incredibly dynamic year. In those 364 days I became a mother, started a business, tragically lost close family members and struggled with what my husband and I are lovingly calling a "fixer upper", though Chip and Joanna have yet to grace our doorway. I knew that during the chaos of the year I had set aside a lot of my personal goals. I am thrilled beyond measure to wipe up spit and don't mind putting in long hours to improve our home, but I felt like I had faded away and my dreams no longer had any fire.

That is when I felt God place on my heart the need to share my love of voice, healing and theatre with others through a series of blogs and podcasts. I want to be able to share these passions with anyone who uses their voice to share their own desires with the world. Or maybe it's not your dream, but your voice is holding you back with moving forward in your career and ultimately providing a better life for you and your family.

Broader Voices, PLC will be dedicating this year to better vocal health. What's that mean? I'll be sharing diet tips, exercises, lifestyle and environment changes and more, all focused on improving YOUR voice. You don't have to change it, you have to shape it. You don't have to sound like someone else. You DESERVE to sound like your best self.

My gift to myself in 2019 is improving my voice. I have spent countless New Year's thinking about losing weight/saving money/traveling more/etc. All are good goals and rock on if they are yours! But, despite my professional training and medical degree, I still get self conscious with my voice and LOATHE karaoke. And that's not okay. Because I have a strong and healthy voice that's all my own. And you do too!

I hope you join us this year to become a better communicator and love yourself more along the way.

Happy New Year!


Speech Pathologist, Actor, Mama, Reader and Mediocre Volleyball Player

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